Technical Assistance Overview

Technical assistance (TA) provided by the Center of Excellence for Protected Health Information (CoE-PHI) aims to support implementation of relevant federal confidentiality and privacy laws for providing mental health and substance use disorder services to clients in practice.

TA is designed to clarify confidentiality regulations and laws, link professionals to helpful resources, and identify strategies to support practical implementation of confidentiality and privacy regulations in practice.

Disclaimer: Resources, training, technical assistance, and any other information provided through the CoE-PHI do not constitute legal advice. For legal advice, including legal advice on other applicable state and federal laws, please seek out local counsel.

Who Can Request Technical Assistance?

Technical assistance can be requested by professionals who provide oversight for, or directly provide, substance use disorder or mental health services working in state agencies, healthcare organizations (including primary care, mental health and substance use treatment facilities) and school-based settings.

How is Technical Assistance Provided?

Technical assistance is provided in a variety of formats, including remote consultations provided via email or phone, through linkage to online resources, facilitating peer to peer consultation, and the development of tailored resources. This includes supporting organizations in planning, implementing strategies, and designing tools and curriculum for building staff knowledge and competency in applying confidentiality and privacy regulations on the job.

Before Requesting Technical Assistance

We have put together an extensive list of resources to ensure you have access to the information you need to understand and apply confidentiality and privacy regulation and law in your setting here. Please check the resource section of our website prior to requesting technical assistance as our existing resources may assist you with your questions.

Request Technical Assistance Now [Click Here]

Please complete and submit this form to request technical assistance from the CoE-PHI. A member of our team will respond within 7 business days. Please note, some requests, should they appear often, will not be responded to on an individual basis, but will be included in a “Frequently Asked Questions” document disseminated monthly.